Youth Leadership & Democracy Academy

Self-paced online learning for young African leaders

The Youth Leadership and Democracy Academy (YLDA) is an online academy aimed at equipping youths with the requisite leadership and advocacy skills to shape government policy and demand government transparency and accountability from elected and appointed government officials and holders of public offices.


Courses in the Academy are carefully designed to help students grow the skills they need to effectively participate and contribute to the governance process of their communities. These courses comprise several relevant modules facilitated by experienced and seasoned experts from the development sector.
All courses in the Academy are delivered online and are self-paced. High performing students would be accepted to participate in the in-class bootcamp session where they will further hone their leadership and advocacy skills as well as network with other young leaders from across the country.


1. Transformational Leadership: Leading Great leaders
2. Advocacy and Community Mobilization for Change
3. Digital Organizing: Using Technology to promote good governance
4. Certificate in Conflict Management
5. Democracy and the State
6. Civic Leadership: Promoting Inclusive Governance
7. Promoting Women’s and Girls Rights
8. Introduction to Policy Development and Advancement